Starting Again

GAH! Has it really been 15 days since I did my daily writing practice? I should probably rename this blog “Writing Project 300.” It just doesn’t quite have the same ring as “Writing Project 365.”

I think the hardest part (for me) of picking something back up after I’ve slacked off for awhile is just knowing where to begin. That, and fighting the urge to explain make excuses for my long absence. I’ve been toying with the idea of implementing a blogging schedule (writing about certain topics on certain days), just to eliminate some of the work of deciding what to write each day. My two ongoing weekly projects right now are the Stay Awake Challenge (Seriously need to do some catch-up-work with that! Sheesh!), and my chapter-by-chapter review of Unrooted Childhoods. I’d like to start writing and sharing some more poetry, so maybe one day a week for that?

Here are a few other random ideas that may find their way into future blog posts:

  • a series of posts on “the work of a missionary,” focusing on some of the aspects of mission work that aren’t quite as glamorous as “seeking and saving the lost,” or “telling others about Jesus,” but just as vital and necessary.
  • James Bond and the objectification of women — We finished our marathon the other night, which means I have now seen every James Bond film ever made (24 to be exact). So, I feel semi-qualified to write a post like this!
  • I promised to share the experience of getting my Ecuadorian driver’s license, which I finally accomplished today  — yay, me!
  • My sis and I are in the middle of watching the third season of “Downton Abbey,” and I’m sure I’ll have a lot to say about that when it’s over. (Confession: I already know what happens in the end, thanks to Facebook, but I’ll wait to share my opinions until I’ve actually seen the whole thing.)
  • Maybe I’ll buckle down and finally write my kids’ birth stories.

So, did I whet your appetite for more?

It’s good to be back here!


1 thought on “Starting Again

  1. I’d love to hear more about the James Bond girls (starting with that expression!) – I didn’t see Skyfall but I read some harsh stuff about how the love interest storyline was handled.

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