The Stay Awake Challenge: Week 6

Week 6 is about embracing the moment. Read the entire post here.

I tucked the words “embrace the moment” into my head before we left for the beach. I was determined to enjoy our time away, determined not to let all the things I was worried and stressed about spoil our few days of vacation. And I really was able to put it all out of my mind for the most part and just enjoy my family.

There were so many little moments to embrace… from boogie boarding with Alex, to splashing in the waves with Stephen to digging in the sand with Benjamin. There were moments of beautiful sunsets, cool ocean breezes, the warm sun on my back, soaking in the hot tub. There was falling asleep to the sound of the surf and reading for hours on end in the afternoons and evenings.

Of course, it’s easy to embrace the moment when you’re on vacation, removed from your daily routine with all its stresses, both major and minor. It’s much more difficult to do this in the midst of problems, annoyances, busy-ness, to-do lists, schedules, and responsibilities. We are back from vacation, back to our routine. I am back to being a single mom for another week while Rusty is off to Kumanii with all the students from the Bible college.

I think what I am starting to realize is that it’s just as important to embrace these daily moments. I’ve gone back and forth on the whole Instagram thing (as if I need one more thing to do), but last night, I decided I was going to give it a go for awhile. I think it will help me start to notice some of the beauty in the ordinary and capture it with a camera phone. I’m going to wait to sign up until after I have my new iPhone set up and activated — hopefully, that will be soon!

Last night, I made cookies with the boys, and when we were done, I let them lick the bowl. They were so excited — to them, that was the best part of making cookies! Ever notice how good kids are at embracing the moment? They sat on the floor with the mixing bowl between them and worked away at it with their spoons, enjoying one of the simple pleasures of childhood. Meanwhile, I embraced a few moments of peace and quiet!



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