Time for a Check-up!

I can’t believe February is already over!

Since I am 2 months into the Writing Project 365, I thought it was time for a little self-evaluation. I started out strong in the month of January with 30 posts in 31 days (only missed one day!), but in February, I slacked off a bit and only wrote 16 posts in 28 days. I hope I can get back on track with daily writing in March.

I am also 5 weeks into the Stay Awake Challenge (still have some catch-up work to do there)… and thought I would evaluate how I’m doing on each challenge so far:

  • Sleep – Um, not so great. Still staying up too late. Last night, I was asleep by 10:45, and I felt great this morning! But that was the earliest I had gone to bed in several nights. I definitely need to be more intentional about this!
  • Start where you are – Trying to see my life more as a process, a journey. Trying to walk that fine line between being content with where I am right now (and not fighting or denying my feelings) and striving to improve, to get better. It’s a delicate balance.
  • Set intentions – Haven’t done very much of this, mostly because I can’t seem to remember to do it! Like most other habits, it probably just takes time to develop.
  • Rise early – Doing a bit better with this. Alex being in school 3 days a week is really going to help with this, since I need to be up and have him ready to go out the door by 7:15. I’m thinking about starting to set my alarm clock for 6:00, not 6:30, to give me a half hour of true Quiet Time before they wake up.
  • Unplug – Doing better at monitoring my own computer time. My kids’ screen time is now being curtailed more than it was (another side benefit of Alex being in school 3 days per week).

I like what both these projects are teaching me — about discipline and the importance of practicing a little every day if you want to get better at something, about “waking up” and savoring life rather than just wandering around in a daze all day. I like that I’m doing something just for me every day. I like that I have a place to share some of the thoughts rattling around in my brain. And I LOVE when people comment, either on the blog or on Facebook, or to me personally, and let me know that they get it, they understand, they have some of the same thoughts, feelings, doubts, fears.

I like knowing I am not alone.

Stay-at-home motherhood can be very isolating. So can being a first-year missionary, living in a new country, learning to speak a new language. This space allows me to reach out to a virtual community, to make connections, to be heard and understood. This is why I write. Oh, sure, it would be nice to be one of those bloggers who could actually make money with her blog, but at the end of the day, it’s the desire to be real, to know others and allow them to know me that keeps me writing.


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