The Stay Awake Challenge: Week 4

Week 4 is about rising early. Read the entire post here.

I had a feeling this one was coming. Now I see why the sleep challenge was so important! After all, you get enough sleep and go to bed on time so you can rise early, right? It really is a noble concept, and in my life BC (that’s Before Children), I actually was an early riser. Back when I had morning classes or a job that I had to be on time for. Back when I was more self-motivated and way better at time management than I am now. Back when I had yet to experience true, mind-altering sleep-deprivation.

I really do love getting up early (as in, before my kids)… when I’m well-rested, that is. I love the stillness of the house in the early morning. I love watching the sun rise and greeting the new day. I love having that time all to myself, not having to meet needs and demands and be a wife and a mom, but just BE. I love spending time with God — studying His Word, spending time in prayer, writing in my prayer/gratitude journal.

When I am in the habit of rising early, I am more likely to have a regular and focused Quiet Time. And lately, since I haven’t even been setting an alarm, but rather waiting to be woken up by the pitter-pat of little feet (or, more often, the screams of the 3-year old being pestered by his older brother), Quiet Time has really fallen by the wayside. Honestly? This is one habit that I have struggled so much with over the years. There are some seasons when I do really well, but then something happens, and I get off track, and — well, sometimes, it’s just easier to stay off track than it is to pick myself up and get back on.

Beth Moore study, Bible, prayer journal, pen

Beth Moore study, Bible, prayer journal, pen

When my sweet, ever-so-disciplined sister came back from the States last summer, she brought two of Beth Moore’s new James Bible study workbooks with her for us to do together. I am so not a good Bible study partner (sorry, Julie). I started out strong, but life got busy, and I haven’t picked it up for several weeks. I’m ready to pick it back up again, but it’s going to require being more disciplined about rising early. As in, using an alarm and all that good stuff.

Our veranda. On a clear day, the view is beautiful -- even some snow-capped peaks!

Our veranda. On a clear day, the view is beautiful — even some snow-capped peaks!

So, today, I got up at 6:30. (The boys sometimes wake up around this time, but they are supposed to stay in their rooms and play quietly until 7:00.) I thought about going out on the porch, but it was raining, so I ended up downstairs in our comfy recliner. I read from the Psalms and then I got out my prayer journal. My last entry was in October of last year.

My other spot -- a comfy recliner.

My other spot — a comfy recliner.

I picked up my pen. What do you say to someone you haven’t really talked to in several months? How do you reconnect?

Hi, God. It’s me. I’m sorry I haven’t made my relationship with you more of a priority these last few months…

Well, it’s a start, anyway.


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