One of Those Days

It’s just been one of those days — despite all of my good intentions.

I feel like I’ve been trying to shake the cobwebs out of my head all day. I’m sluggish and tired. The constant rain doesn’t help this feeling. I love the rain, but it does make me want to curl up in bed and read a book all day, which is basically NOT going to happen when you have littles in the house.

I’m trying very hard these days to yell at my children less. And today? Today was an Epic Fail in that department.

We did do school, and had a rousing Nerf gun battle after lunch (the activity from the jar), so I suppose that counts for something. And story-time was very sweet with all the boys participating. Even Benjamin sat quietly while I read “The Little Red Caboose” — he has really gotten into books these days.

On days like today, I need to celebrate the small victories and just let go of everything else. I know that, but it’s still hard to do. I’ll be back tomorrow with the Stay Awake Challenge.



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