We Made It!

Thankful tonight…

  • to have my husband home safe and sound, smelly laundry and all!
  • for my washing machine and running water
  • for the sound of my boys wrestling with their daddy
  • that we made it through the week unscathed and without any trips to the emergency room (always my greatest fear when Rusty is away)
  • for a productive and fun homeschooling week
  • for a coffee break with my sister in the middle of the week
  • for sleepovers with cousins
  • for the two hard-working ladies who come during the week to help me with the cleaning (a definite perk to living in Ecuador!)
  • for all the fun I had with my kids this week (The “When Dad’s Away Activity Jar” was a big hit!)

I didn’t accomplish as much as I would have liked on all my projects, but I am not allowing myself to dwell on that right now! Just reflecting with gratitude on the past week and looking forward to a whole week of having Rusty home before the medical campaign. We’re even going to get to take our Date Night on Monday!


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