The Week Ahead

Well, at 20 minutes to midnight, I suppose I had better get in my writing practice for today. I am waiting for one last load of laundry to finish so I can send my husband back to the jungle tomorrow with clean clothes. Meanwhile, I am doing constructive things on the computer like designing our New Year’s card, while Rusty is watching Tim Hawkins videos on Youtube.

Rusty will be gone a week this time, from Sunday through Saturday, with the last of the three construction groups that have been working on the new meeting hall at Kumanii. Then, we get to enjoy having him home for an entire week (woot!) before he heads back out for the February medical campaign. I have just been trying to take it one day, one trip at a time. Somehow, we will make it through. It isn’t easy on any of us to have him away from home so much, but we manage. Grace for the moment, that’s my mantra right now.

I have some projects I am hoping to work on this week while Rusty is gone. Some fun, some not so fun, but at least it will keep me busy in the evenings after the kids are in bed. Maybe I’ll also have time for a Harry Potter marathon!


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