One Day Down, Six to Go!

Rusty left early this morning and called mid-afternoon just before they were to get on the canoe to head upriver. It’s the last time we’ll be able to talk by phone until Saturday. There is no cell phone service at Kumanii, so we are basically out of contact when he goes out there. We do have a satellite phone for emergencies, and I am able to send him short text messages for free, so at least there is that. I don’t know why, but having Rusty out of cell phone contact just makes him seem so much farther away. I have a hard time sleeping at night when he’s not here, which usually means I stay up entirely too late. Not exactly the best thing when you have three little ones who are up by 6:30 or 7:00 the next morning.

Yes, I am a big baby. I know there are women out there whose husbands travel and are away from home a lot more than mine is. I know there are people who parent solo all the time and not just occasionally. I know a week really isn’t that long. But, when you’re at the very beginning of it, it can seem like an eternity.

I spent the afternoon working on our year-end report. There are so many “paperwork” type projects vying for my attention right now… from this annual report on our work and ministry, to a backlog of expense reports so we can be ready to file our taxes in a couple of months, to our New Year’s mailout, to our quarterly newsletter. And I would much rather be doing other things like blogging or organizing my kids’ books or setting up my craft room. So maybe if I can get some of these big projects knocked out this week, I can take the time to do something I enjoy later.

For now, I’m off to try and get some sleep!


1 thought on “One Day Down, Six to Go!

  1. Hey Pally, if only my teleporter wasn’t in the shop I would come keep you company. Though there are people out there that are away from loved ones longer, it’s still okay to miss Bucko and count the days until he comes home. It’s when you stop missing him is when you really should be worried. Be brave, Pally. The time will fly and soon Mr. Fella Man will be home. Good luck with all your paperwork. Maybe that will go super fast as well and you will get some time to do the fun stuff. Miss you.

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