Word Pictures (written Jan. 16)

Just a few thoughts and images from our trip to Kumanii today:

  • the cold and fog of the mountain city of Ibarra giving way to the sun and humidity of the lowlands
  • sweeping landscapes of mountains, hills, and ravines gradually turning into tangles of lush, tropical vegetation
  • the hustle and bustle of the dock at Borbon — women chatting as they wash their laundry, meat sellers, fish sellers, fruit sellers hawking their wares, canoes loading up
  • the drone of the boat motor as we leave the commotion behind and slice through the water upriver
  • trees bending low over the river, trailing their branches in the water like fingertips
  • the refreshing and slightly tangy taste of coconut water straight from the coconut
  • little villages, wooden homes on stilts, flapping laundry flashing past
  • my boys’ happy laughter as they play with new friends Joscar and Gustavo
  • baths in the river
  • one million crickets, and a frog or two to serenade me to sleep
  • the soothing sound of a jungle downpour
  • memories of my childhood as I fall asleep under a mosquito net



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