We arrived home from our trip today, tired and dirty. Two days in the jungle will do that to you. I had been looking forward all day to a hot shower — as the rain dripped down my neck on the canoe, as the mud spattered my feet while we were loading the car, and as we spent several hours packed to the brim with bodies and luggage on the way back to Quito. But when we got home, there was only a trickle of water coming out of the taps. And soon the trickle slowed to nothing. No water.

You don’t realize how much you rely on water flowing out of your taps until suddenly it isn’t there. It really is one of the simple things in life we take so much for granted. Without water, I can’t shower. I can’t bathe my children (who were probably dirtier than me). I can’t wash dishes, or the wet clothes in our bags that will soon start to mildew. I can’t flush a toilet or even wash my hands. I can’t sanitize my fresh fruits and veggies or refill our water filter so we have water to drink. I have long said that I could probably live without electricity quite comfortably for a long time (oh, sure, it would take some getting used to). But to live without running water, especially in a house with 3 small children, would be nigh impossible.

Thankfully, my ever so handy husband was able to figure out the problem and rig a temporary fix. Just long enough for us to wash the jungle grime away, and then he turned the water off until he can buy the things he needs to fix the problem permanently. But tonight I’m going to bed with a renewed appreciation for running water — and a renewed appreciation for my handyman husband as well!


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