Pondering Homeschooling

This week, I have made an attempt to get back into the school routine with Alex after a 3-week break over Christmas and New Year’s. Finding our rhythm with school is something I’m still working on. Having the two little boys around makes it especially challenging. Alex isn’t quite old enough to work independently (and stay focused) for longer than a few minutes at a time, and I can’t exactly leave Stephen and Benjamin unsupervised while I’m teaching.

Yesterday, things worked pretty well and went pretty smoothly, and today — well, today was a total bust.

Most of the time, I really enjoy homeschooling. I do believe it’s the best choice for Alex and for our entire family right now. I love the flexibility that it provides. Next week, all of us will be going out to Kumanii with Rusty. We’ll be gone Tuesday through Friday. A trip like this just wouldn’t be possible if we were locked into a traditional school schedule and calendar. But we can make it work since we homeschool.

Then, there are other times when I wonder just what the heck I’m doing. I worry that my kids aren’t going to get the education that they need because of our decision to homeschool. I wonder if I’m depriving them of important opportunities by not sending them to the Christian school here in Quito. I think that I’m not patient enough, smart enough, organized enough, disciplined enough to make this work.

I’m thankful to be connected to a pretty awesome group of homeschooling families here in Quito who offer advice and encouragement, support and friendship, as we navigate these new waters. Most of them have been successfully teaching their kids at home for many years now, and that gives me hope for myself and my kids. I’m inspired to keep trying, to find what works and what doesn’t, and above all to trust myself and have confidence in my own ability to teach my children.


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