Alert: Whiney Post Ahead

I have been wondering what to write about all day today. Six days into this project and I already have writer’s block! Not a good sign. I have been home with the kids by myself all weekend long, so maybe that accounts for my brain being turned to mush. Maybe?

Rusty left for a trip out to Kumanii last Wednesday and will be home tomorrow. I shouldn’t say I’ve been by myself the entire time he was gone. Julie and her kids came over on Friday and spent the night since Josh was out of town too. We try to do sleepovers every so often when our husbands are away because the kids so enjoy them. This time, however, I was feeling a bit under the weather. Seriously, every time Rusty leaves on one of his trips, at least one of us gets sick. Every. Single. Time. It’s like magic. Or a curse. This time, it was my turn — and Benjamin’s. He threw up several times starting on Tuesday night, and had diarrhea as well. So I was kept busy washing bedding and clothing, cleaning floors, and rinsing out about a million cloth diapers. Good times.

So, you would think I’d be happy knowing my husband will be home tomorrow. And I am. But, we get to enjoy having him around for all of two days, and then he is leaving again. We are entering a very busy season of ministry right now with several different short-term groups on the calendar in the next several weeks. It’s going to mean a lot of traveling and being away from home for him, and a lot of single parenting for me. And, well, right now, it’s just pretty hard to have a good attitude about it all. Sorry. That’s all I got tonight.


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